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With ONE TIME PAYMENT starting from $9, you get WHITE LABEL APP for your site. NO ADS, no hidden fee. Lifetime license.

Android app from blog special offer

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android app builder for blogger

Any Blog Platform

Doesn’t matter what platform you use for the blog. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, TypePad, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Instagram…

Wait what? Instagram? It’s an app already. However, I’m good if you want it…

Displays your blog’s mobile theme

The Android app from blog will display your blog as it is without any theme alterations (see examples).

So, make sure your blog has a mobile-friendly theme (this is 2017 for God’s sake..)

Fast Delivery

App development process is approximately 1 – 2 hours.

Could be faster if you provide me app icon (512px) and splash screen (1080 x 1920 px).

Of course, I will inform the ETA via email  in case you have to wait in line.

Coded by Hand

All apps are coded by hand using Android Studio & Cordova, without any online app builder. I’m a code monkey, not a reseller or arbitrage hustler or whatever, you can see some of my codes on Github.

low budget mobile app developer

100% Clean Code
no malicious script injection

Think I’m going to hide some malicious script into your app Give me a break…

I have a reputation to uphold, and you got my website, email, Paypal seller account, everything you need to destroy me if you feel like being cheated.


All three options are:

1. Distributable App → $9
2. Signed App → $18
3. Signed App + publish on Google Play → $27

Compare with other options

Want to compare my offer with others? Here I listed some reliable services for developing white label Android app from blog.

DIY App builders’ price list as per September 2017:

  1. GoodBarber → $32 /month
  2. Shoutem → $19 /month
  3. Swiftic → $41 /month
  4. AppInstitute → $28 /month
  5. Appy Pie → $15 /month
  6. Bizness Apps → $250 /month
  7. AppYourself → €20 /month
  8. Mobincube → $10 /month
  9. AppMachine → $49 /month
  10. AppsBuilder → €24 /month
  11. MobAppCreator → $45 /month
  12. AppMakr → $39 /month
  13. iBuildApp → $24 /month
  14. BuildFire → $59 /month
  15. Appery → $60 /month

Please note that those are the amount of money you have to pay each and every month. What about the lifetime plans? Just forget it, unless you want to start a white label app builder reseller company 😀


Why only $9 per app?

Normally, I can build one Android app from blog for about an hour or two. Let’s say I code five apps everyday, so I make $45 per day.

I can live a pretty good life with that amount of money here in my town. And you can only get a good and honest service from a healthy programmer. Deal?

How to Order

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Got a pre-order question? Please get in touch via email or twitter or facebook.

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